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Temperature Controlled Freight

Temperature Controlled Reefers

Which goods require it and what are the options?

Many goods need temperature-controlled transport, from food and drink to pharmaceuticals and flowers. At A2E Logistics, we’ve got all your needs covered within Canada and across the border to and from the USA.

You’re probably aware that our roads are full of temperature-controlled transport carrying foodstuffs and probably thought of it as being frozen ready-meals, milk, and other foodstuffs. However, temperature-controlled freight is much more than that. At A2E Logistics, we know all about temperature-controlled freight, so here’s a short explanation of what it covers and what services are available.

Temperature Controlled Freight

Which Goods Need Temperature Controlled Transport?

A vast range of goods must be moved around our roads that must be kept within strict temperature limits to avoid spoiling. As you would expect, much of this is foods, including:

However, there is more to it than that. For example, freshly picked flowers require a carefully controlled environment as excessive heat will leave you with wilted and brown flowers at your destination. Equally, extreme cold can be damaging as ice crystals may form in the flowers and leaves. This is also applicable to the transportation of live plants.

Many drugs and pharmaceuticals also need strict temperature control to avoid spoiling. For example, life-saving insulin will spoil and be useless if not kept refrigerated. Other medications may be ruined if the temperature moves by only a few degrees.

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Transporting temperature-controlled freight needs to be planned and considered carefully, partnering with the best transport companies. At A2E Logistics, we have the expertise and experience you’re looking for. We ship temperature-controlled freight from the USA to Canada as well as within Canada and from Canada to the USA.

Limitations of Temperature Controlled Transport

It’s essential to be aware of the limitations imposed by the vehicles (known as temperature-controlled reefers) when moving your goods. For example, when storing produce in a warehouse, it’s easy to keep power with backup generators and control every aspect of entry and exit. However, this is not the case on the move. Planning your route is essential to avoid being held up in traffic and getting stuck in the summer heat. The machinery onboard can only do so much to keep it cool.

Another factor is the space available within temperature-controlled reefers. The machinery used to maintain the environment takes up space, and the walls have extra layers of insulation, reducing the volume of the trailer more than you might expect.

The key is to work with a carrier, such as A2E Logistics, who understands your needs, will let you know exactly what to expect and use the best available route planning software to avoid unnecessary problems.

Rules & Regulations

There are rules and regulations to be followed when moving temperature-controlled freight, and A2E Logistics follows and complies with these closely. For example, Canada’s guidelines for environmental control of drugs during storage and transportation (GUI-0069) can be found here. However, you should bear in mind that the rules will cover the whole supply chain and will vary depending on your territory and industry sector, so it’s best to do some research.


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A2E Logistics specializes in Less Than Truckload shipping, offering services that include:

We are a full-service freight transportation company that specializes in Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping. We handle all of the details of getting your freight from point A to B—from picking it up from the manufacturer or supplier to delivering it directly to your customer.