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Flat Deck Transport

Flat Deck

What is flat deck transport and how do I know if it's best for my freight?

Using the best vehicles and equipment is essential when transporting freight. A2E Logistics has you covered for flat deck transport, from standard flat deck trailers to Super B Trailers.

Selecting the best fit vehicle for your cargo is essential to ensuring your goods are moved in the safest and most cost-effective way. At A2E Logistics, we understand your needs and have the expertise to advise how best to move your precious freight. Below is a quick guide to flat deck transport and how to decide if it’s the best method for you and your business.

industrial flat deck hauling
flat deck

What Factors Affect Suitability for Flat Deck Transport?

There are a few things to consider when deciding if flat deck transport is best for your goods. Some of these are:

Specialized Flat Deck Transport

Super B Transport

Sometimes you just need to go bigger for more efficient transportation, cutting down the number of journeys, fuel use and cost. This is particularly the case in the agricultural sector, where vast amounts of grain must be freighted. At A2E Logistics, we have access to super-B trucks, each of which has a pair of trailers with eight axles allowing it to carry up to 42 tonnes of grain in one load.

Across Canada, Farmers now see Super B Trucks as essential, and their use has increased massively in recent years. However, it should be noted that while A2E Logistics does move goods between the USA and Canada, these vehicles are not permitted on the roads in all states in the USA and may need permits. If you’re unsure of your local rules, give us a call, and we can talk through your options.

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Book the Best Flat Deck Transport Services

While many transport companies offer flat deck transport services, it’s best to consider your option before committing to one. At A2E Logistics, we offer competitive rates and a level of experience and commitment that’s second to none. Additionally, we are dedicated to the safety and security of the loads we carry and their vehicles. Loads on flat decks trucks can be hazardous if not appropriately secured, and our highly trained professional drivers will always ensure that all safety measures are enforced correctly.