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Specialized Freight

A2E Logistics

Specialized freight—hauling agricultural equipment, hazardous materials and more...

A2E Logistics provides specialized freight services for customers requiring movement of hazardous, bulk, agricultural, refrigerated, chemicals, livestock, over-sized, forestry and household goods.

Moving goods isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” situation, and not all freight can just be thrown into a standard box trailer and transported without extra steps or precautions. If a load requires a trailer that has to be modified in some way or special licenses, then this is known as “Specialized Freight.”

Specialized freight comes in many forms and varieties, and here at A2E Logistics, we have the expertise and facilities to adapt to most customers’ needs. So, what are the most common types of specialized freight, and what do you need to know about transporting them?

Wide Load
Specialized Freight Wide Load
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What is Specialized Freight?

A lot of cargo fits into this category, including some you wouldn’t expect. For example, motorcycles require air-suspension trucking, a fully enclosed ride and tilt-free storage to prevent damage during transit. Other goods that require specific care include:

Of course, all of these types of freight require experience and equipment to suit their needs, and you should contact your freight provider to ensure they can meet your requirements. The team A2E Logistics has extensive experience in all kinds of specialized freight and the vehicles to match. But what types of service are generally called for?

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Get The Best Specialized Freight Services

Whatever your specialized freight service requirements, you need to use a trusted and experienced carrier who will treat your freight with the care and respect it deserves. A2E Logistics is that carrier. We provide clear timelines and tracking of shipments for customers looking for transport of hazardous, bulk, agricultural, refrigerated, chemicals, livestock, over-sized, forestry and household goods. We can ship temperature-controlled freight from the USA into Canada and goods from Canada to the USA as well as within Canada.

Oversize or Over-length Freight

Some items are just too large or too long to fit onto standard trailers, meaning that they need special trailers and loading equipment, such as cranes, that are up to the job. This category may include:

In general, oversize or over-length freight means anything over 13 ft. 6 in. (4.11 m) in height, over 8 ft. 6 in. (2.59 m) in width, or between 34k and 80k pounds in weight, depending on the number of axles on the vehicle.

White Glove Service

White Glove Service refers to a fully comprehensive freight service. This service involves packing the goods for you to meet exacting requirements, picking them up, loading, moving in a suitable trailer, and finally offloading at your destination. Finally, expert handlers remove packaging for you.

This type of service is ideal where cargo is valuable or fragile, such as furniture or antiques. It takes all of the load away from the customer and into the hands of caring experts.

Blanket Wrap Freight

Also known as Pad Wrap Services, this is a type of service for particularly fragile or delicate items and involves wrapping thick blankets around goods. Blanket wrapping is a type of service for particularly fragile or delicate things and provides extra protection during loading and unloading and in transit. Blanket wrapped freight is also commonly transported on air ride suspension trailers for an extra level of protection.